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App Development

Are you ready to develop your app idea? With a quick, painless assessment by phone or email, we’ll mobilize quickly to understand your project and establish next steps towards app development.

Strategy Architecture

We begin every project by gathering facts from our clients, examining the competition, and then building a high level strategy for app development.

User Experience Design

Once we develop the strategy for the application, we scope the functional requirements to bring the app to life through art and engineering expertise.

Web Development

If you want to build an app for the web, we bring in our team of expert Ruby on Rails Developers. Each Rails Application has its own unique source code.

App Development

If you want to build a mobile app, we bring in expert mobile app developers to create the product. Once its built, we will ship it to the app store for you.


Our awesome team

Gennovacap has been developing web and mobile software for the past 5 years in Austin, Tx. We love building apps. Our team of consultants can help you build any app you can think up.

  • Reza Piri
    Reza Piri
    CEO and Founder

  • Anderson Brandao
    Anderson Brandao
    Development Operations

  • Carlyson Oliveria
    Carlyson Oliveira
    Creative Director

Product Development for Web and Mobile

In choosing Gennovacap, our engagement begins with a consultation and inquiry into your product strategy and business objectives.

UX Strategy

Each of our engagements begins with a serious exploration of your product.

Web Development

Our web developers have extensive knowledge across every major sector.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile team is small, but fierce. We can build anything you think up.

Recent Geeky Ideas

We love sharing our ideas with the world and that's why clients hire us. Here are some very forward-thinking ideas about app development we want to share with you.

A Practical Guide to App Development

For the past 6 years, our firm has encountered an overwhelming problem from new clients who want to build apps. The problem is that their expectations for developing an app are formed by incorrect and haphazardly articles written by inexperienced software developers on this topic. Since the average app takes 18 weeks to develop (4.5 months), first-time app developers need a way to understand this entire process. With this in mind, we compiled a practical guide for people who want to develop an app and understand how it all works. This article will not only inform first-time app developers, but it intends to set the correct expectations, including pitfalls, about developing an app from beginning to end.

Ruby on Rails vs. PHP

Here, we go over the reasons why we use Ruby on Rails for your web app development. We will be focusing on working with Ruby on Rails, and the advantages it has over PHP on any platform. We love Ruby on Rails here and we’re not about to change our minds on that fact until something better comes along. However, we do feel an honest comparison of the two may help to convince you of the wisdom of our choice.

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