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What's a hybrid app?

The mobile app development space is a very fragmented sector of information technology.  Developing for multiple platforms (iPhone and Android), doubles the development time and efforts.  However, developing a hybrid app is a great solution if there is a smaller budget involved and the application is not intended to run very much native functionality from the device.  Using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and a technology like PhoneGap, we are able to ramp up production for a hybrid mobile app in half the time with a very similar end result.

We develop android apps

If your app requires the use of native functionality or built-in phone features, then developing a native app is probably the route you want to go.  We can design and develop native Android Apps for any purpose including: business apps, game apps, lifestyle apps, education apps, entertainment apps, or health and fitness apps.

Our App Developers build Android tablet apps

In addition to developing an Android App for mobile, we can also design and develop apps for Android tablets.   Apps designed specifically for tablets are typically news apps, game apps, and business apps.

We develop iPhone apps

All hail the mighty iPhone!  The iPhone undoubtedly changed the world for the better and what better way to pay tribute than to develop your own iPhone App.  We can help you design and develop your iPhone App from start to finish. No matter to kind of app, we can build it for you.

We develop iPad apps

We can integrate into legacy and modern API's in XML and JSON formats.

iPhone app store approval

Everyone thinks that an iPad is just a scaled up version of the iPhone, but you would be shocked if you understood that these 2 devices are similar yet very different.  We can develop an iPhone App and have it scale to 2X the screen size, but then we wouldn't be doing the iPad any justice with all that extra space.  There is so much more space with an iPad, why not develop a different means or use of your mobile app with an iPad version??

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Web Design

We create a well-designed widgets, icons, logos, web forms, and layout patterns for web design and web applications.

Web Development

We develop web applications using the most current web development technologies like Php and Ruby on Rails.

Mobile Apps

We build mobile apps for all platforms including iPhone, Android, and Windows 8. Our mobile app development rocks.

Search Engine Optimization

We can help your buinsess get to the top of Google's Organic Search Results with our flawless SEO setup & maintenance.

Google AdWords Campaigns

AdWords is the most effective way to market your business on the internet and Gennovacap is Google AdWords certified.

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