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For Weird Coupons, we developed a custom PHP web application with PayPal integration and 2 mobile apps using HTML5 and PhoneGap technology. The back end of the website utilized the PHP framework Code Igniter had a client dashboard and an admin dashboard. The custom program we created allowed first time users to sign up by paying with a tweet or facebook post. We also gave them a free coupon that ran for 80 days. Once logged in, the users could create new coupons and manage their coupon campaigns using their custom dashboards. The 2 mobile apps, 1 iPhone and 1 Android - tied into the application backend so that when businesses created new coupons the end users of the app could redeem the coupons at store locations. The mobile apps included utilizing the javascript framework jQuery Mobile, Cordova PhoneGap Technology, and JSON. The HTML5 mobile apps we made also incorporated the use of Geolocation so users of the app could find coupons close by.


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